On The Lines Of SLF, Grading On Airbus Competencies Will Be Carried Out During Simulator Training.

4.1 Description of the Grading System
Principles of Assessment and Grading
The Application Of The Grading System Relies On The Instructor Understanding And Applying The Underlying Principles, After Having Been Trained And Standardised Effectively. All Assessment And Grading Of Manoeuvres And Scenarios In A Session Follows The Same Stepped Process:

4.1.1 Session Grading

The Instructor Grades His/her Observation by Assigning A Grade According To The 5-Point Grade Scale For Each Competency

  • For A Co-Pilot To Be Cleared For The Check, A Minimum Grade Of ‘2’ Is Required In All The 09 Competencies.
  • During Recurrent Training, A Grade ‘2’ In The Same Competency In Back To Back Recurrent Training PBS Sessions Would Call For Additional / Remedial Training In That Competency. Therefore, It Is Imperative That, Trainers Meticulously Review The Last Recurrent Training Forms.
  • For An SFO To Be Marked Sat In Command Potential, A Minimum Of Four
  • Competencies Should Be Graded ‘3’ Or Above (Though That Would Not Be The Only Criteria To Mark Sat In Command Potential). To Clarify, A Pilot Getting A Grade Of ‘3’ In Four Competencies May Still Be Marked UNSAT In Command Potential.
  • For A Capt To Be Cleared For The Check, At Least Five Competencies Should Be Graded ‘3’ Or More.
  • For A Trainer Upgrade, The Last PBS Should Have At least 02 Competencies Marked Grade ‘4’ And No Competency Below Grade ‘3’.
  • A Grade ‘1’ In Any Competency During Any Session, Would Call For Additional /Remedial Training.

Free Text Comments May Be Made at Instructor’s Discretion. They Are Mandatory In Case Of Any Competency Graded Below ‘3’.

Use The Free Text Box to List and Comment the Trainee’s Difficulties As well as the, Proposed Training Content and Number of Additional Training Sessions Requested.

4.1.2 Grading Of the Competencies
Competency-Based Assessment Is A Continuous Process During Each Session, And Is The Process Of Observing, Recording, Analysing And Determining Pilot Performance. Pilot Performance Is Graded With Reference To A 5-Point Scale. Each Grade Is Described.
The Instructor Will Assess The 9 Airbus Competencies, Against The Associated
Performance Indicators.
The Instructor Will Grade The 9 Competencies Referring To The Associated Word Pictures.

Key words for each grade are as follows:-