It Shall Be The Endeavour Of Training Planning Team To Plan All Training with standard Crew Complement of ‘Capt/FO’. However For Recurrent Training (Inspite Of Best Efforts), Occasionally there may be situations where sessions end up with non-standard pairing. In Such Cases, the Training can be carried out with the following guidelines:
2.1 Ops Circular 6/2009 : Page 3 Defines Task Familiar As “A Flight Crew Member who Is familiar With And Can Satisfactorily Accomplish The Duties Of A Particular Cockpit Duty Position Though Not Qualified For That Duty Position. For Example, A Co-Pilot Who Performs The Duties Of The Pilot-In-Command (Pic). During Simulator Training”.This Implies That A Non LVO Qualified, Type Qualified (Task Familiar) Co-Pilot, Who Has Been Adequately Briefed, Can Perform Duties Of a PIC, During LVO Training And Checking Of The Other Crew Member, who Is LVO Qualified.
2.2 AWO CAR 8C, Rev.10, Eff. 01-Apr-2017, Annex2, Page 49 Para8 Para 7.4: States ‘Simulator Training For CAT II/III Is Prescribed For A Standard Crew
complement Of One Pic And Co-Pilot. However, In Case Two Pics Or Co-Pilots Are Paired For The Training, It Shall Be Ensured That Training And Evaluation Is Completed Specific To The Seat (E.g. If The Quantum Is 2 Hours Training And 1 Hour Evaluation For Cat II, This Shall Be Carried Out For Each Of The Pilots In A Nonstandard Crew Complement, Which is 2 Hours Plus 1 Hour For Each Pilot)’
Above Makes It Amply Clear That Firstly: Two Pics or Co-Pilots can be Paired for the Training, Also It Is To be Ensured That Training And Evaluation Is Completed Specific To The Seat, And Secondly : The Concept Of ‘Task Familiar ‘ Can Be Used.
As Such, LVO Recurrent Training And Checking For Non-Standard Pair Of 2 FOs/Pics Can Be Carried Out, Vide Above Clause, As Follows:-
– 2 Co-Pilots: P2 Who Is Undergoing Recurrent LVO Is On RHS, Performing Pm Duties.
– The Other P2 ( Suitably Briefed) Is On LHS, Performing PF Duties, Under Clause Of
‘Task Familiar’ .
Similar Duty Allocation Is To Be Followed For Any Other Combination Of Cockpit